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FSE Is Paul Baxendale's Santa Fe, New Mexico-based art studio releasing open and limited editions of archival fine art prints, jewelry, and objects that reflect the beauty, wonder, and rich history of the American Southwest.  All of the prints offered here are printed to order right here in my studio on heavyweight, acid-free, archival 100% cotton fine art paper using inks that are rated for 200+ years permanence, which means your purchase today will be just as vibrant and beautiful 200 years from now as long as you protect it from direct sunlight and the elements! I offer sizes that are convenient for framing... some are sized to fit perfectly into inexpensive Ikea frames, and others are standard sizes that fit into convenient, off-the-shelf frames, but please let me know if you need another size not listed... I can print most images up to 43" wide! Wholesale orders are welcomed... Have a shop in New Mexico or beyond? I would love for my artwork to be amongst your offerings... email me at or use the contact form below! 

About Paul…

My journey began with a deep childhood love for the Natural World. As a boy I eagerly rambled through the deserts of Arizona and New Mexico, exploring ancient remnants of the Ancestral Pueblo inhabitants of the region. At age 13 I was the youngest member of the Albuquerque Orchid society, focusing my collections on fragrant species of Central and South America. Shortly thereafter, I embraced the gentle art of Beekeeping, tending hives in the rolling limestone hills of Austin, Texas. I had long harbored a deep interest in the herbs, stones and roots used for magical and healing purposes in the Voodoo and Santeria religions, which informed my decision to enroll in a program of botany and herbalism at the Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies in Boulder, CO. That period began with solo hikes wildcrafting local medicinal plants in fragrant Rocky Mountain meadows, and culminated in a wild journey deep into the heart of the Peruvian Amazon, where ancient botanical teachings were passed down to me from the Rainforest’s Indigenous Yagua and Shipibo inhabitants. My love for the utilitarian and decorative craft traditions of Indigenous Cultures was cemented on this journey, and I still have a great admiration for the unique geometric designs typical to Shipibo pottery and textiles.

My ever-present creative drive led me some years later to attend the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where I focused on sculpture, printmaking, museum studies, and exhibition design. Over the years I’ve had the privilege of working alongside countless artists in museums across the US installing exhibitions and hanging some of the world’s rarest and most coveted artworks… Matisse, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Picasso, to name just a few. At the same time I was building displays for my own collections that focused on the development of institutional medicine in the US, a project which culminated in the opening of my National Museum of Hospital and Pharmaceutical History. I spent a few years in New York City, following in the footsteps of art school heroes Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns, installing wildly extravagant window and interior displays in the iconic 5th Avenue luxury retailer Bergdorf Goodman. From there I transitioned into creating prototypes for interior and window display furnishings for Coach Leatherware flagship stores.

Settling later on the West Coast, I became deeply involved in the creative scene in Los Angeles, running print production for one of the world’s largest fine art print houses. Here I honed the skills I would later put to use in running my own print house! Frequent expeditions out of the city collecting crystals and minerals and soaking in the abundant hot springs in the Eastern Sierra Nevada mountains fed my need for Nature, but all the while memories of the Canyons and Mesas of the Southwest; colorful landscapes scented with Piñon and sagebrush, called to me. In 2017, I heeded the call and moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico and set up my print studio. The spirit of this ancient place captivated my heart, as did a raven-haired, aquamarine-eyed beauty named Jane Anne. We live together happily in the heart of the Land of Enchantment and are so pleased to offer our hearts and inspiration to any and all who seek the magic of this special place!

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