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Interview with Santa Fe Found!

So excited to have had the opportunity to chat about Field Studies Editions, and my feelings about living and working in New Mexico with Zippy Guerin of Santa Fe Found! Featuring photos of my home and studio by Danny Allegretti. Pop over and read the whole interview! 

Paul Baxendale
An Incredible Weekend at Mercado Sagrado!

Navigating Los Angeles traffic to reach Malibu was no joke, but when I finally pulled into the Paramount Ranch, my stiffened shoulders relaxed and I felt like I was stepping back in time. in fact, I was! The site of 2017's Mercado Sagrado was an old Western town set that has been used in the filming of countless movies. I was privileged to have been given the opportunity to set up in the saloon, where old wood plank floors and dusty rays of sunlight streaming through the windowpanes complemented the Field Studies Editions vibe quite nicely! 

Just before opening on Saturday Morning. 

Just before opening on Saturday Morning. 

I had every image in the Field Studies Editions catalog available in 11x14" and 16x20" format, and many images available in both the large and small hanging canvas "chart" format, which was very popular! I also brought all of my Crystal Allies necklaces in sterling silver and 14K gold chain versions, and a great selection of jewelry and objects made by artists from the Indian Pueblos around Santa Fe. The best part of Mercado was the people!!! It was such a joy to finally meet in person so many of the folks I have connected with on Instagram (@fieldstudieseditions)! The weekend came and went too fast... it will be another year before I can set up at Mercado again, but you are welcome to order your favorite images anytime... printed to order by me right here in my Santa Fe, New Mexico studio, and shipped right to your door! Many thanks to all who were able to come out and see me, to the very kind and helpful Park Rangers who protect and maintain the ranch, and to the organizers of the event who worked so hard to create this magical weekend!  

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Mercado Sagrado This Weekend!

Y'all, I just had to jettison the passenger seat to make room for all the primo goods I've assembled for this year's Mercado Sagrado! I'm super excited to be rolling out West tomorrow at daybreak... Malibu bound! Field Studies Editions will be set up this weekend, November 4th and 5th at Paramount Ranch for the fourth installment of Mercado Sagrado! I will have prints, the full line of crystal necklaces, treasures from New Mexico... Theres so much, I can't even remember... unpacking for set-up Saturday morning will feel like Christmas morning: full of surprises! I hope you can make it out... Come see me in the old saloon! 

Paul Baxendale