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Turquoise: Sky Stone of the Desert Southwest

Turquoise: Sky Stone of the Desert Southwest

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Among the Pueblo Indians of New Mexico, Turquoise has been referred to as “The stone that stole its color from the sky”; In this land of vast, majestic blue skies, turquoise has long been prized for its beauty… no other stone quite captures the mystique of the desert as does Turquoise!

As an avid rockhound and child of the desert, I have gravitated to this mythical blue stone for some time now, and in my rambles have collected many fine specimens from throughout the Southwest. I have photographed and assembled some of them in this print offering: specimens of the land (and sky!) that make this Land of Enchantment so very enchanting! Although I am especially fond of the greenish-hued examples from our nearby historic Cerrillos, New Mexico diggings, I have also included specimens from Arizona, Nevada, and San Bernadino County, California, to round out the crew!

What a wonderfully elegant way to incorporate the color and lore of the Southwest into your home, wherever you may be! Available reproduced in finest detail on 100% cotton (tree free!) heavyweight matte, semi-smooth watercolor paper, or on cotton canvas as ready-to-hang art. The colors of the original stones are reproduced perfectly, and hover against a just slightly off-white (eggshell?, ecru?) background. Printed using archival inks rated for 200+ years permanence!

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