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Adam and Eve Orchid

Adam and Eve Orchid

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The Adam and Eve Orchid, a new print available in the FSE print shop! Ever since I was very young I have maintained a fascination with Orchids; at 13 I was the youngest member of the local Orchid Society. At the same time I cultivated a deep interest in the medicinal and magical use of plants in Southern Hoodoo practices, which held Adam and Eve roots in esteem as powerful love amulets, which made this particular orchid especially intriguing! Another favorite was the so-called “lucky hand root” which came from another orchid,  Orchis Mascula. Imagine my excitement when, some 30 years later I discovered this gorgeous pressed specimen dating from 1893! I have scanned and cleaned it up and am so happy to offer it as a token of love and beauty for your home! After high school I studied herbal medicine in earnest, earning a degree in Western Herbalism, and worked for a herbal medicine company in Boulder, then as a buyer of herbal supplements for Whole Foods Market when the company was still in its infancy. I still use herbal medicines personally, as needed, and have held onto my deep respect for the myriad ways that plant allies , both medicinal and magical, have enhanced lives across all cultures. This image is available printed on 100% cotton heavyweight archival watercolor paper, or on canvas with wooden dowels mounted top and bottom so that it arrives ready to hang— no framing necessary!

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