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Saturn Print from the FSE x HSM Vedic Vastu Collaboration

Saturn Print from the FSE x HSM Vedic Vastu Collaboration

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Field Studies editions is excited to announce a cosmic collaboration with House of the Standing Moon representing planetary images aimed at strengthening beneficial influences according to the ancient Hindu science of Vastu. The principles of Vastu govern the architecture, layout and decorative placement of objects and images within the home to best harness the forces of the natural and planetary kingdoms for harmony, happiness, health and wealth. This beautiful image is based on an a rare antique representation of the planet Saturn; a perfect way to honor and boost Saturn’s influence in your life! Printed on 100% cotton (tree free!) heavyweight archival watercolor paper using archival inks rated for 200+ years permanence or on heavyweight canvas with wooden dowels mounted top and bottom with hanging hardware attached… ready to hang, no need to frame!

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