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Chromatic Crystal Grid

Chromatic Crystal Grid

from 50.00

Do you love FSE mineral photos but lack the wall space to build your own chromatic grid with our larger individual prints? I have found a solution! Now all of your faves are lined up chromatically in a single, super-happy, pigment-packed print that is guaranteed to brighten your room and your mood every time you see it! All of the high-vibe, healing properties of crystals, gems and minerals in a single work of art… good for the environment; great for your decor!

The crystals are (left to right, top to bottom)

Vanadinite, Pink Amethyst Geode, Moroccan Red Quartz, Wulfenite, Sulphur, Pyromorphite, Chalcopyrite Druze on Dogtooth Calcite, Green Fluorite, Hemimorphite, Azurite, Purple Fluorite, Amethyst.

 Available in several sizes printed on heavyweight, archival 100% cotton fine art paper, or as ready-to-hang canvas "charts" in two sizes.

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