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Cory Feder Limited Edition Print "The Almonds"

Cory Feder Limited Edition Print "The Almonds"


Sometimes I want to untie the entire universe.

Untangle every knot of my morning ritual and nighttime routine

Inspect every colored thread of my friends, loved ones, teachers

Cut open every seam that seals my identity into a pretty shape

 To undo it all and piece it back together with every particle of magic that settled like dust in the fabric

 No more settled dust.


Raised between a mother from South Korea and a father from the Bronx, Cory Feder has always found herself amongst the in between of culture, identity and language. A storyteller at heart, she uncovers the magic hidden in the mundane by reweaving threads of her experience into a fence-less dialect.


This excavation takes place in various mediums from drawing and sculpture to music and animation. Existing halfway between America and Korea, Feder has been explicitly marked as “the other”. Her stories explore how one’s relationship to the other is a mirror to one’s relationship to the self. Whether it’s between cities, material or the self and other, she operates from a space of perpetual transit, transforming meaning from both public mythologies and personal dreams to communicate in a form that is inclusive of all beings.

Field Studies Editions is so honored to have the opportunity to work with Cory to produce this absolutely stunning archival print reproduction of her graphite on paper original “The Almonds” in a very limited edition of only 10 prints. Each measures 18” x 24” and is individually signed, numbered and titled by Cory. As she is currently residing in Korea, this may be your best opportunity to acquire a piece of her artwork for some time.

“The Almonds” is printed on heavyweight, archival acid-free 100% cotton watercolor paper using archival inks rated for 200+ years permanence. The print captures every subtle pencil stroke, shade and nuance of the original. When this edition has sold out, it will not be reproduced in this size again!

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