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Lambshead Mare

Lambshead Mare

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This beautiful Mare was photographed roaming the grasslands surrounding the historic Lambshead Ranch which lies along the clear fork of the Brazos River in West Texas.

Lambshead is an immense and pristine tract assembled between the late 1870s and 1909 as a cattle ranch; within it’s bounds are historic structures dating from the time that the adjacent Fort Griffin was in operation… hard times for everyone, both anglo settlers who tried to eke out a living from the scorched plains and the Native tribes who fought to maintain the land that had always been their own. If you listen carefully you may here the voices of the past whispering through the grasses and purple thistles that blanket the land as horses and longhorn graze, unimpressed by the odd modern-day camera-toting visitor.

This soulful image is offered in a variety of sizes printed in archival inks on archival, acid-free 100% cotton watercolor paper, or as ready-to-hang canvas “charts” that require no framing.

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