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Natural Ruby Crystal on 14K Gold Chain

Natural Ruby Crystal on 14K Gold Chain


This sweet little ruby is completely natural and untreated... the unique six-sided shape and deep, saturated color is Nature's creation! The face of this beauty bears a prominent triangular "Record Keeper," a feature said to contain knowledge imprinted from ancient civilizations! The delicate crystal is 3/8" across and 3/16" thick, and rests on a 16" solid 14k gold chain with soldered jump rings (not just pinched closed) for strength and longevity. Each Crystal Ally I make is drilled and assembled with care, cleansed in a local hotspring, then bathed in the rays of both a full and new moon, ensuring that its energy is pure and ready to assist you on your journey! Each necklace is accompanied by a small Selenite wand "charging station"... every so often, allow your crystal to rest on the charging station in a sunny spot to clear and renew its energetic vibration.  Remember that natural crystals, while strong, are not as durable as metal charms and pendants; impact with hard surfaces may damage them. Treat your Crystal Ally gently and it should serve you for years to come! All 14k gold Crystal Allies are packaged in a glass-topped "Riker Mount" display box and are accompanied by a natural cotton drawstring bag, Selenite wand, Metaphysical properties card for your crystal, and a care and information card. 

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