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Natural Turquoise Tab and Shell Necklace with Jaclas

Natural Turquoise Tab and Shell Necklace with Jaclas


This gorgeous, traditional Pueblo necklace features tabs of high quality, natural turquoise interspersed with fine clamshell heishi, and is finished with a sweet pair of Jaclas. It is strung on braided artificial sinew which, in traditional fashion, is simply tied rather than set with a clasp, which makes changing the length very easy. The Jaclas are tied on, as is traditional, and may be removed as desired… they are sometimes worn as bracelets or even earrings, and may certainly be added onto any other turquoise necklaces in your collection! As currently tied, the necklace measures 18" from the knot to the tip of the Jaclas, but can be retied so that it measures 16”. This is a truly elegant and timeless piece of jewelry, which embodies the spirit of the Land of Enchantment. 

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