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Navajo Moccasins

Navajo Moccasins

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Navajo Moccasins... worn since time immemorial in every dance ritual throughout the Navajo, Zuni, Hopi and Pueblo communities of the Southwest. Though sneakers may have replaced the moccasin for strolling the streets of Downtown Gallup, these ancient classics remain an irreplaceable staple in Native wardrobes throughout the Land of Enchantment and beyond... the footwear of choice for Feast Days and festivals!  In fact I picked up my pair in Gallup and have worn them on hikes though Monument Valley, Canyon de Chelly, the Grand Canyon... they just get better with age and mileage. I love them so much I had to paint them in gouache... every detail of the originals is reproduced brushstroke by tiny brushstroke, then printed up for you on heavyweight archival 100% cotton fine art paper. Next time you are in Gallup, stop in City Electric Shoe Shop and try on a pair... until then pick up a print to bring the spirit of this timeless classic into your hogan! This print displays horizontally, as shown. 10% of sales of this edition will go towards the Navajo Water Project, which works to bring fresh, clean water and solar electricity to remote Navajo Nation households. 

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