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Santo Domingo Pueblo Turquoise Necklace with Jacla

Santo Domingo Pueblo Turquoise Necklace with Jacla


Santo Domingo Pueblo is situated about 30 minutes south of Santa Fe; it is one of the largest Pueblos, and is well known for its artists who have long fashioned rough turquoise and shell into fine beads which are strung on these stunning necklaces. I enjoy visiting Santo Domingo and picking out my favorite necklaces directly from the artists, many of whom also sell their jewelry in the shops of Santa Fe. 

When you attend a "Feast Day" at any of the New Mexico Pueblos, you will be treated to the ancient sight of dancers, occasionally numbered in the hundreds, costumed and dancing to the deep and resounding tone of the Pueblo drum. Invariably each dancer will be wearing at least one, and often many, of these turquoise necklaces! They are worn by women and men alike! 

This beautiful necklace is an example of what the artist referred to as an "old-style" necklace... meaning the turquoise tabs are natural and untreated, as are the spiny oyster shell beads on the Jacla, and it is strung on a simulated sinew material that can be tied to the desired length, unlike more modern styles which use silver clasps and are of a fixed length. This necklace, as tied, is 23" long from the knot to the end of the Jacla, but can be retied to be as long as 23" or as short as 17". 

The Jacla can be removed, as is traditional... Jaclas were originally used as ear ornaments and when they weren't being worn in the ears, would be conveniently tied on to a necklace. This necklace features a single Jacla that is accented with beautiful spiny oyster shell beads. 

I hope you can make it to New Mexico one day and pick out one of these necklaces for yourself as you walk the dusty streets of the old Pueblo, the air perfumed with Juniper smoke and the scent of warm frybread... until then, I've got you covered! This necklace carries all of the magic and spirit of the Land of Enchantment... something you will feel proud to wear! 

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