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Talia Migliaccio Limited Edition "Love is the Place Beyond"

Talia Migliaccio Limited Edition "Love is the Place Beyond"



Talia Migliaccio is perhaps most widely recognized for her tattoos: meditative, hand-poked living talismans that emerge as simple yet powerful imagery channeled collaboratively with those lucky enough to secure a coveted session with the Globe-traveling, Santa Fe-based artist. 

Talia’s creative interpretations of both her own, and universal, experiences as humans existing together on a fragile planet cannot be solely relegated to the medium of inked skin, however; her consciousness-shifting creative output manifests as video, photography, ceramics, sculpted works of art, and paintings and drawings that convey complex messages through deceptively simple, and often playful, imagery. 

Watch this beautiful video portrait that The Makers Archive has filmed and released that offers a lens into Talia’s world. 

Field Studies Editions is so honored to have the opportunity to work alongside Talia mining the archives of her intricate drawings executed on handmade papers for beautiful gems to offer in a limited edition print series. In her artistic practice she contributes daily to dense, hand-bound volumes of drawings in which the pages come alive with washes of color while symbols and patterns describe a rich cosmology that interacts with human or animal forms. They are small windows that offer a glimpse into her consciousness, and we are so happy to finally invite a larger audience to experience Talia’s artwork through these very rare offerings! 

This 18’ x 24” print is offered in an edition of only 25. Every element, each subtle hue and fiber of the handmade paper of the original is captured and reproduced in minute detail; The print is virtually indistinguishable from the original watercolor and ink drawing. The image floats in a white, 1/2” margin, honoring the natural edges of the original. It is offered on heavyweight 100% cotton, acid-free archival velvet watercolor paper, and printed in archival pigment inks that are rated for 200+ years permanence.

Talia has hand-signed, numbered, dated and titled each print in the edition. When the last of the 25 prints has sold, the edition is considered closed, and this edition will not be reproduced in this size again. Each print is shipped rolled, and is conveniently sized to fit in commonly available 18” x 24” frames


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