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Limited Edition TANU Textiles Studies / Series 01

Limited Edition TANU Textiles Studies / Series 01



TANU Art is the creative channel through which Santa Fe, NM based artist Taryn Slawson explores the intersection of Color, Pattern, and Shape through her coveted handwoven textiles. Utilizing hemp cordage that she meticulously hand-dyes, Taryn stations herself before an expansive upright loom that she built to facilitate her process, and allows dynamic creative sequences to take form.

Exploring the interplay of pattern and color on paper is an integral aspect of Taryn’s process prior to committing her designs to the loom. Equipped with a vibrant spectrum of pastels, Taryn is able to deftly capture and express the energetic signatures that comprise the basis of her art.

Her drawings convey this vibrational energy in it’s most ardent and electric form, and Field Studies Editions is so honored to have the opportunity to access Taryn’s seldom-seen archives and work with her to select and create a limited number of archival pigment prints, allowing a wider audience the opportunity to collect these rare and unique artifacts of Taryn’s artistic process.

This 18’ x 24” print is offered in an edition of only 25. Every element and subtle hue of the original is captured and reproduced in minute detail; The print is virtually indistinguishable from the original pastel and ink drawing. It is offered on heavyweight 100% cotton, acid-free archival velvet watercolor paper, and printed in archival pigment inks that are rated for 200+ years permanence. Taryn has hand-signed and numbered each print in the edition. When the last of the 25 prints has sold, the edition is considered closed, and this edition will not be reproduced in this size again. Each print is shipped rolled, and is conveniently sized to fit in commonly available 18” x 24” frames.

We are looking forward to the future release of limited editions of additional drawings from Taryn’s archives, all sized at 18” x 24” so that collectors may build and display their own gallery grid comprised of Taryn’s vibrant, dynamic Studio Studies!

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