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Vintage Hopi Lightning Stick by Arlo Nuvayouma

Vintage Hopi Lightning Stick by Arlo Nuvayouma


The lightning stick is an accessory used in sacred Hopi Kachina dances. This one was made by Hopi artist Arlo Nuvayouma of Shungopavi Village, the most traditional of the Hopi villages, in July of 1962. Arlo is an accomplished artist, and contributed significant paintings for the 1970 publication Ritual In Pueblo Art: Hopi Life in Hopi Painting by Byron Harvey. What is remarkable about this beautifully crafted and painted artifact is that it is accompanied by its original sales tag from the Museum of Northern Arizona exhibition of Hopi artists. It shows its age but retains its vibrant color and the spirit of the artist’s hand and Heritage. A rare and exceptional artifact that I am deeply honored to present to you! It measures 23” long and is roughly 2.75” wide, and a little under 1/2” thick. It is painted in the bright, matte-finish tempera paints that were commonly used to decorate Kachina dolls, dance rattles and ceremonial items like this.

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