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Vintage Navajo Turquoise and Olive Shell Heishi Necklace

Vintage Navajo Turquoise and Olive Shell Heishi Necklace


I found this sweet double-strand vintage turquoise and olive shell necklace at an out of the way trading post in Gallup, New Mexico; the “Gateway to Navajo Country” and was struck by its elegant simplicity. The turquoise has mellowed with age and wear to that highly desirable shade that leans more towards the green end of the turquoise spectrum. Measures about 15” long from the knot to the furthest tip of turquoise. Such a beautiful, understated piece that will look great with anything, and add just the right amount of New Mexico flair to your outfit. Looks great on the fellas, too! A nice older piece of Navajo artistry perfect for everyday wear!

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