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Vintage New Mexico Poster

Vintage New Mexico Poster


This is a true and very limited Vintage poster. Discovered in a storeroom of a longstanding Santa Fe curio shop, these were thought to have been long gone, but I have secured the remaining few and am happy to be able to offer them to anyone who holds the Land of Enchantment in high esteem like I do! The owner of the shop had these printed around 1981... Friends, this poster is the look of Santa Fe of the early 80's! It is printed on a medium/heavy weight, smooth matte finish poster stock, size 17.25” wide x 24.5” long (it is not a flimsy, shiny poster, but a nicely weighted, matte finish art poster). The image was taken by T. Harmon Parkhurst in 1935 of a man standing on the steps of the kiva at San Ildefonso Pueblo, home of the famous potter Maria Martinez, If you like this, act fast; I only have a precious few left! 

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